Charles Lee Feinberg. The Image of God


Автор: Charles Lee Feinberg

Название:  The Image of God

Файл: doc

Размер:  57Kb

Язык: английский

The Image of God

Charles Lee Feinberg

It is true beyond cavil or dispute that the focus of interest today is upon man, his life, his actions, his feelings, his struggles, and his potentialities.(1) In fact, some theologians have so occupied themselves with the study of man, that they have left little or no time for a discussion of supernatural themes, an interesting reversal of the emphasis manifest in theological realms in the Middle Ages. Zabriskie has correctly stated: “At no time in the history of theology has the doctrine of the imago Dei had a more challenging pastoral relevance or more provocative theological implications than it does within the current of contemporary theology.”(2) Carl F. H. Henry acquiesces in the significance of the subject.





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